Real Transformations . . . from Real People

. . . from Physicians and Nurses

“If every physician had the opportunity to receive this training and coaching, healthcare nationally would be completely different today.”

“I was near burnout and close to changing careers. My patient satisfaction levels were at the 10th percentile. After coaching, I am now loving my job and my patient satisfaction has improved to the 97th percentile. I used to have 2–3 complaints every week. I haven’t had one in months.”

“The mindfulness course has completely changed my life. I have a sense of balance and have found new meaning in my work.”

 “Best speaker ever!!!”

“The positivity presentation was the best meeting I have attended in my 25 years at this organization. It has changed my thinking and now I know that I have a choice and will choose to be more positive.”

“Absolutely famously fabulous!! Very powerful, useful presentation. Not just for the job, but for home life, too. . . . Outstanding!!! Thank you.”

“Authentic, and easily able to use this in my practice and daily life.”

“Wowed by the experience of this workshop, clinical data, tips on mindfulness, and sharing with each other.”

“I have had a conflict with a coworker that has lasted more than a year. After this class, I talked to her and asked if we could develop a new positive relationship. We are now friends. It has made such a positive difference in my work environment.”

“The breathing technique was the most helpful, and remembering that we are all on the same team.”

“When in a situation where another person is agitated, scared, or upset, it is difficult to remember to remain calm and not react to that negativity. Taking a deep breath first before reacting is a very helpful practice.”

“I really liked learning how the brain works and how perception is truth. I’m trying to remember to do the breath before and after a patient interaction. I’m also trying to do deep breathing meditative exercises at night to unwind.”

“The workshop was relevant and engaging. The speaker’s energy was contagious. It was information that is applicable in all arenas of life. Attempting new habits is achievable, and pausing to take a breath will be a new habit I will be practicing.”

“The speakers were amazing and kept us all hooked; videos and examples given were perfect.”

. . . from Leaders

“I just wanted to reach out and send a THANK YOU to your team for the fabulous workshop! It was both thought-provoking and powerful. You had us connecting with one another in a way that we haven’t been asked to do here before; getting to a place of honest openness is not easy, and yet you had all of us taking risks in that way.”

“Great! A challenging curriculum that really unleashed our energy and creative thinking.”

“Thanks so much for a superb presentation! I know that everyone attending left a different, better person!”

“As executive director of a high-volume breast diagnostic center, I am especially concerned about building and sustaining a work culture of compassion and caring for patients. Our breast center has been engaged with Hammond & Ebersole partners for nearly two years. I cannot emphasize enough the tremendous benefits our doctors and our staff have received from this consulting engagement. And our patients as well!”

“The patient experience and interaction is markedly improved since the consultancy started. The unique part of the approach of these two highly skilled consultants is that they assist staff and physicians with embracing a mindfulness and an internal practice centered on healing as the avenue to great patient care.”

“With this approach, we see our staff become more caring, more responsive, and more accountable for the whole patient experience. Our managers have benefited from personal coaching. Both personal and workplace goals are developed with the consultants and then, in a confidential setting, the managers are able to work through the challenges and possibilities of meeting goals. Difficult conversations with staff become the practice ground for new skills such as leaning in, communicating why the issue is important and not just a punitive step, etc. The next part of the work with this talented team will be creating a series of mindfulness workshops to help deepen the staff and physicians’ practice.”

“I heartily recommend the Hammond & Ebersole approach and impeccable and professional way in which they help organizations succeed.”

“Drew is a natural, who has the gift of seeing beyond what is presented to him. As such, he gets to the heart of the matter, which is important to get past my own personal roadblocks. Professionally, I think he’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me!”

“I am reaching my goals and actually experiencing success beyond my wildest expectations. This entire process has been illuminating for me and I can say has truly made me grow, where I needed it, personally and professionally! I am sincerely grateful to Sherry!”

“Drew is a very gifted person. His unique talents are perfectly suited for coaching!”

“Thank you so much, Sherry, for your amazing coaching sessions. I am really feeling better and becoming a better me . . . finding my voice. I forgot I had one, and it feels so good to be me again.”

“This is the best leadership program – very engaging and has specific skills.”

“Entire presentation was helpful. Will change the way I approach things every day at work and personal life. I’ll remember that people behave badly because they feel badly. I’ll remember to be understanding and positive. Be grateful and recognize staff for the good work.”

“Incredible! Great energy, great information.”

“Excellent presentation! Loved the vine metaphor – lean in to the challenge for the most growth. This is my second exposure to mindfulness training. The woo-woo factor was eliminated by Drew’s practical application and stories to illustrate.”

“Yes, yes, yes – as an employee – as a wife – as a mom.”

“I will definitely work to use these tools and begin to change how I respond to the world. Thank you!”

“The communication exercise was hard work, but worth it!”

“Very engaging as a facilitator—like your style.”

“I am already using the positive feedback technique with the management team.”

“After listening to Drew’s presentation, I felt a genuine sense of inner light and unquenchable enthusiasm.”

“Having the opportunity to hear and see Drew Ebersole was just a real pleasure. To say it was inspirational, enlightening, and, well, motivational would honestly be an understatement. Drew and Sherry have a unique way of connecting with the audience. They have a way of explaining social and business environments and techniques that help the listener understand, not just what motivates other people, but what also motivates themselves. They have a way of getting people to open up on an emotional level and share parts of themselves. That leads to a greater understanding of how we as people think and work. When we have a better understanding of ourselves and those around us, we are better equipped to be successful, individually and collectively. We are better able to operate as a team. What he shares are the underlying factors that make us better leaders and better employees, better people. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to hear Drew speak. If the opportunity presents itself, I encourage anyone to take full advantage. You’ll be all the better for it.”

“I have had the pleasure of attending several of Drew and Sherry’s presentations. They both are extremely inspirational and have the ability to help me look at all aspects of my life in a positive light, which creates possibilities I would have never thought of on my own. The energy and good feelings they share with the group leaves me feeling energized and ready to take on the world.”

“Drew and Sherry’s presentations are entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking. Specifically, the ideas that I always control my own reaction to events, my perception is my reality, and to practice gratefulness, has reminded and shown me positive ways to successfully deal with personal and professional challenges.”

“Drew shared simple tools for use in reducing stress in everyday life. More listening and less reacting can help create a more positive environment.”

“The training I received from Drew was uplifting. It prompted me to reexamine how I was taking care of myself emotionally, physically, and professionally. I made a change that day and decided to start taking better care of myself, and, in doing so, I feel better, have more energy, and have lost some weight. All of which are good things. I strive to continue to be the best me and hope it reflects in all areas of my life. I appreciate the training I received and hope to have the opportunity for another.”