Authentic Transformation . . . Delivered from the Inside Out

“I don’t know what Drew did, but the first speech I gave after working with him, I had people on their feet with tears in their eyes.”

—Joe King, Former Speaker of the
House for Washington State

Presentation Coaching

Public speaking can be a daunting challenge. Let us help coach you. Learning to master anxiety and maximize your signature presence is the key to powerful public speaking. In its highest form, public speaking is deeply connected, authentic communication that inspires people to be and perform at their best. Individual or group sessions are available.

“Having the opportunity to hear and see Drew Ebersole was just a real pleasure. To say it was inspirational, enlightening, and, well, motivational would honestly be an understatement. Drew and Sherry have a unique way of connecting with the audience. They have a way of explaining social and business environments and techniques that help the listener understand, not just what motivates other people, but what also motivates themselves. They have a way of getting people to open up on an emotional level and share parts of themselves. That leads to a greater understanding of how we as people think and work. When we have a better understanding of ourselves and those around us, we are better equipped to be successful, individually and collectively. We are better able to operate as a team. What he shares are the underlying factors that make us better leaders and better employees, better people. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to hear Drew speak. If the opportunity presents itself I encourage anyone to take full advantage. You’ll be all the better for it.”

—James Lynch, Communications and Public Relations Coordinator


  • Connecting on Authentic and Meaningful Levels to Establish Trust, Get Results, and Create Greater Personal Well-Being
  • Create a Positive Cultural Transformation in the Workplace
  • The Fire of Why – Fuel the Fire, Fan the Flame, and Tend It Carefully
  • Healthy Lifestyle – Nutrition, Mindfulness, Relationships, Purpose, and more
  • The Alchemy of Resilience: From Surviving to Thriving
  • Strengthen Emotional Awareness and Reframe Conflict