Improve your Patient Experience Results

“I cannot emphasize enough the tremendous benefits we have received from this engagement. The patient experience is markedly improved. These two highly skilled coaches assist physicians and staff with embracing mindfulness and deepen an internal practice centered on healing as the avenue to great patient care. With this approach, we see our staff become more caring, more responsive, and more accountable for the whole patient experience.”

—Jacquelyn B. Ostrom, CFRE, MA


  • Create a positive workplace architecture in health care (4-part series)
  • Customized workshops designed to move physician, caregiver and patient interaction processes and communication to the next level.
  • Interactive sessions for clinicians to practice new patient-connection skills

Individual Coaching

  • Leader and physician coaching to help tap into unknown potential unlocking sources of creativity and productivity. Deepening self- awareness of the current state – while consciously moving toward an inspired future.
  • Physician and caregiver live action observation of patient-care interactions and provide private coaching for optimal patient interactions.

A Mindfulness Course

A course with interactive modules to deepen individual resilience for everyone. The goal is for team members to develop sustainable life practices that will improve their well-being, focus, attention, creativity, and happiness, as well as reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue, and burnout.

Improving the Patient Experience Is a Top Priority

According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, new research reveals that, “The patient experience is one of the top three priorities of hospital leaders over the next three years. It is clearly time to refocus on the person at the center of care. Many organizations are struggling to understand what patient-centered care truly means, and what it really looks like. Successful hospitals provide an exceptional patient experience. Organizations with a culture that focuses on patients are rewarded with higher clinical quality and efficiency, a safer patient environment, greater employee engagement, and improved financial results.”

Transform Health Care

In health care, “We discuss changing delivery systems, models of care, incentives, and many other external variables as possible solutions. It's time to go internal. By adopting and promoting mindfulness, we can transform ourselves so we are more focused, reflective, resourceful, open, creative, efficient, and resilient as we make tough decisions and tackle the backbreaking work of transforming the health care system.” Wendy Leebov, Ed.D., Hospitals and Health Networks, January 21, 2014, The One Skill that Can Transform Health Care

High levels of stress and clinician burnout can lead to increased medical errors, suboptimal patient care, and an increase in medical lawsuits. Numerous studies in the US and abroad have investigated this phenomenon as it relates to work-life balance, field of medical practice, and sense of “calling” to the profession. Several studies have illuminated that, for some physicians, burnout begins as early as medical school or residency. Practices of mindfulness, or focusing attention and awareness on only the present moment, have been widely explored as antidotes to burnout for this professional community.

Ways We Help You Improve the Patient Experience and CAHPS Scores:

  1. Leadership that sets a positive tone to inspire trusting patient interactions, team camaraderie, and employee engagement to allow people to perform at their best
  2. Purposeful intentions to create a positive impact on patients, colleagues, and everyone around you.
  3. Reconnect to your calling and find new meaning in your work
  4. Implement daily practices that bring out your best each day
  5. Implement simple methods to reduce your patients’ anxiety, build their trust in you and create caring connections
  6. Use simple techniques to deepen your own resilience and manage stress in a completely new way
  7. Reframe your limiting beliefs and challenges to transform your life