Personal and Cultural Transformations

A different kind of engagement, focused on your growth and full development. You and your team will be renewed through proven practices that shape your lens of perception. Full of compelling scientific research, meaningful stories, and real-time experiences to help inspire breakthrough performance.

“If every physician received this training and coaching, healthcare nationally would be completely different today.”

—Kathryn Everton, MD
Carol Milgard Breast Center

Hammond and Ebersole can help you:

  • Strengthen leadership awareness and presence
  • Create connected and resilient teams
  • Improve focus, attention, creativity, and decision making
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue, and burnout
  • Reduce your patients’ anxiety, build their trust, and create caring connection
  • Learn practical applications to form new habits that build a happier, healthier, and more productive, fulfilling life.

Drew Ebersole & Sherry Hammond

“Drew and Sherry’s presentations are entertaining, informative and thought provoking. Specifically, the ideas that I always control my own reaction to events, my perception is my reality and to practice gratefulness, has reminded and shown me, positive ways to successfully deal with personal and professional challenges.”

—Patrick Cooper, Deputy Prosecutor,
Supervisor of the Robbery & Assault Unit